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NOVA Build Pros Commercial Contractors

We Handle the Whole Job.

Consider NOVA Build Pros for all your Commercial Contractor requirements in Northern Virginia. Leave the construction to us while you focus on the profitability of your business.

We can control your project from concept to completion with personnel qualified in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Project Management
  • US Army Corp of Engineers trained Construction Quality Managers
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration.

  • NOVA Build Pros is a local construction company that offers commercial construction services with a variety of size and scope. For example, we provide:
    • ✓ Concept, Design and Rendering
    • ✓ Design / Build projects
    • ✓ Build outs to customer plans and specifications
    • ✓ Interior build out
    • ✓ Demo & Disposal
    • ✓ All types of fencing
    • ✓ All types of roofing
    • ✓ Concrete and masonry

    NOVA Build Pros will carefully plan the project by defining detailed requirements, estimating resource requirements, estimating time and cost, determining the critical path, developing the schedule and budget, gaining approval of the plan submission and holding a kick-off meeting. We will work closely with stakeholders as we execute the work according to the project management plan. NOVA Build Pros will actively monitor and control your project, measuring time/budget/work performance against established baselines, creating forecasts and performing quality control.

    Lastly, as your project is closed, we will confirm all work was done to the requirement, we will gain final acceptance of the product, we will hand off the completed product and we will gather lessons learned in order to continually improve.

    NOVA Build Pros Commercial Contractors

    NOVA Build Pros Commercial Contractors

    Specializing in golf course country club improvements, such as:

    • ✓ Restaurant/Bar Conversions
    • ✓ Entire Clubhouse Renovations
    • ✓ Decks
    • ✓ Gazebos
    • ✓ Bathroom and Locker Room Renovations
    • ✓ Cart Path Restoration
    • ✓ Cart Bridge Building and Repair

    Call NOVA Build Pros when you need your project completed according to plans and specifications, on time, within a defined budget, and in a safe work environment. If you worked with a contractor that relies on your feedback or inspections to achieve required quality, you will appreciate working with us. NOVA Build Pros proactively controls our projects in order to minimize or eliminate mishaps and deficiencies.

    We will select the right project manager who understands the business case and readily identifies initial requirements, assumptions, risks, constraints and existing agreements with perspective stakeholders.

    Commercial Projects

    Recent Projects in Detail:

    NOVA Build Pros Commercial Project Management
    NOVA Build Pros Commercial Project Management