Is a Bump Out the Best Home Addition?

When adding an addition to your home, there are many different options that you should consider. The main thing being, should your home addition build go up or out? For many people, they don't have a lot of space for an add-on. If this is the case, a bump out may be the best options available.

A bump out is an addition that puts the new addition of space off to the side of your house. With a bump out, there is no need for a new foundation and can sometimes not require any type of roofing work either. This is important as it can easily save you from 15-30% when compared to a full-scale addition. However, since there is no foundation being added, you are limited to how big your expansion can be.

Typically, a bump addition can add a maximum of about 3 feet from your house and extend from 10-12 feet long. That may not sound like much space, but here are some ideas for choosing your home addition style. Just remember that it all depends on what you want when choosing your home addition style. One thing you want to consider is how your home addition will match the original.

Transform your Kitchen into a U-Shape Design

If your kitchen isn't very wide, a bump out can easily add enough extra space for you to add some more countertops and cabinets. This can help you turn a smaller L-shaped kitchen that doesn't have enough storage or counter space into a much more spacious U-shaped kitchen. If you plan it right, you may even be able to add an island in the middle as well.

Have an Individual Bathtub and Shower in the Master Bath

It's not uncommon to see a master bathroom that has a combo shower and tub. While it is much more space efficient, it is also less than ideal when it comes time to shower or take a bath. By adding a separate shower, it means that you no longer have to step over the wall of the tub to get in, plus you can make the shower, so there are body sprays throughout. The stand-alone tub will also look nicer, as it will not need any glass doors or curtains around it. By adding a bump out, it will give you enough space to have a separate shower and tub.

Add a Walk-In Closet

While adding a few feet onto your master bedroom does not seem like it will be anything to get excited about, it can be exactly what you need in order to expand your closet and create a walk-in. These extra few feet can easily take your closet from a cramped self-setup, into a full-on walk-in closet. You can even add in some cubbies, shelves or some other type of storage options.

A few other ideas that you can do with a bump out home addition include:

  • • Adding an eating area onto the kitchen
  • • Creating a family room from an underutilized bedroom
  • • Expanding your current living space

While there are many options available when building an addition for your home, a bump out is one of the smarter choices when you are limited on space and don't want to undergo the hassle of expanding the foundation and roof of your house. Not a bad option for adding a little extra space to your home.