Alternatives to Home Additions: Maximize Your Original Floor Plan

While home additions are an easy way to increase your home's space, going through the whole add-on process can quickly become a headache. But not to worry. There are several alternatives to home additions that make great arguments in the battle of decks vs home additions, however nothing is quite like building on the original to make it even better.. All you have to do is to maximize your original floor plan. These are also great options for how to match your home addition to the original. Since you will be using the original floor plan of your home, it will be much easier to match your new space to the original. This will also help to cut your addition costs by up to 50%, as well as slicing HVAC costs, and even property taxes from having a larger home.

Update your Attic or Basement

Most homes have either a basement or an attic of some kind. If either of these have enough space and a staircase or some type of entrance, this is the easiest way that you can expand your home. Everything you will need is already there. You have a floor, a roof and all the walls already in place. This means that you essentially have an empty shell of a room that you can design any way you want.

While neither the basement nor the attic will help to increase the size of your master bedroom or kitchen, an attic is a great place to add an additional bedroom, playroom or office. A basement can be a great place for a living room, game room, guest bedroom or anything else that you can think of.

Maximize Your Underutilized Space

If there are any underutilized rooms or space in your house, they are perfect for creating something new. Maybe there is a bedroom or an office that isn't being used for anything. Maybe there is a formal dining or living room that only gets used during the holidays. These can all easily be turned into a multi-use space with little to no construction required. By utilizing this unused space, you will eliminate the addition that you thought you needed. Another idea is to take a bedroom that isn't being used and use it as a playroom for the kids or even a workspace. Simply put some built-in storage into the closet or turn it into a desk or something else. The possibilities are endless.

Take Out a Non-Weight Bearing Wall

One of the easier ways to create an open floor plan is to simply remove some of the interior walls. Many of the houses built nowadays have large, great room spaces that have high ceilings and can even contain a family room, kitchen or even a dining room. By removing the walls that are separating these rooms, you will open up your floor plan, which will make it much more spacious. Like the other alternatives, this is a great way to keep costs low and avoid the construction of a home addition. Plus, by having an open floor plan, your home will feel bigger even though the rooms have not gotten larger.

While not everyone wants to build an addition onto their home, by utilizing space that is already there, it can feel like you have added to your house. As long as you stay creative, you will be able to transform that underused space into any type of room that you want.